Archives December 2018

EMMA & Partners – Association of Artist Managers in Australia Survey

Last September the Association of Artist Managers in Australia (AAM)* conducted a survey on a sample of 68 Working Artist Managers. The results indicate the expertise, skill, labour force and contribution the music industry’s artist management sector make to the music industry and the impact their work has on developing creative, successful and economically sustainable artists. The role of the manager intersects the creative development, marketing and promotion, business affairs, touring activities and human resources management. Hence, according to AAM it is critically important to recognize that artist managers are the 21st Century CEOs of the Music Industry.

This recent survey found that although artist managers are a highly educated, experienced and skilled workforce, they are underpaid and suffer a 48% wage gap compared to other professionals. They are business owners that spend 84% of their time working on the artists business, managing Australian cultural production valued >$390 million annually. Additionally, they are generous contributors of unpaid time, expertise and cash to the music industry. Survey identified economic sustainability and mental health & wellbeing as the most important issues impeding the growth and sustainability of their management business, and in turn their artists.

The AAM has identified 5 key opportunities for growth and sustainability in the next 5 years: 1) access to international markets 2) access to data, new technologies & income streams 3) access to funding, education & professional development activities 4) access to next generation management business model development 5) human resources support services. 

*The Association of Artist Managers (AAM) unites the Australian music industry’s managers providing a peak body that develops, protects and promotes the reputation and interests of music managers, and their artists. With 250+ active managers, many working globally, the AAM is the only peak body for managers of contemporary music.

EMMA & Education – MMF UK Accelerator Programme

MMF UK, in partnership with YouTube Music, have launched the Accelerator Programme for Music Managers – the first ever independent funding and professional development initiative designed solely for artist, songwriter and producer managers.

The programme includes;

•            up to £15,000 in bursary funding

•            over £3000 and 50+ hours’ worth of manager-specific education courses covering everything from advanced digital skills, negotiation techniques, managing mental health, legal skills, business management and much more.

•            free or low-cost legal advice, accounting advice and insurance services

•            mentorship from world class managers, agents and promoters

•            funding to attend a music industry conference festival within Europe.

•            a Managers weekend retreat

APMM is aimed at managers based in England and Scotland who are in full or part-time employment, looking to make the leap into full-time music management with their own company. Managers of artists, songwriters or producers whose business has a track record of proven income, could be eligible for up to £15,000 in a bursary grant.

We hope to be able to roll out a similar programme across Europe next year for EMMA dependent on available funding.

EMMA – New European Copyright Rules for Music

The discussions with the Copyright Directive in Brussels are now reaching their last stages in what is known as the ‘trialogue’ e.g. a three way discussion between the Council of Ministers (national governments), European Parliament and European Commission.  The three bodies are trying to agree the details on a final text which will go for a ‘take it or leave it’ vote for approval.  It is looking likely that due to controversies with articles 11 (press publishers) and 13 (music safe harbours e.g. YouTube licensing) this agreement may not now emerge until February and the final vote in March (pre-Brexit and European elections).  EMMA has been active in Brussels and at national level campaigning for a fair result with the Directive to benefit artists – this involves the adoption of article 13 (which shifts licensing liabilities to platforms) and also articles 14-16 which introduce the principle of fair remuneration and contract adjustment to tackle inequitable label or publishing contracts.  We are now watching the final stages closely and are in discussions with our music counterparts in the IFPI (labels) as well as songwriters (ESCA) and artists representatives (IAO).

EMMA – Training sessions

EMMA member – Keith Harris (MMF UK) undertook in October training workshops in Portugal in the cities of Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto. The seminars were organised by AMAEI – the Professional Association for Musicians and Artists independent labels and publishers in Portugal. The aim of the seminars was to provide guidance about what management involves and when an artist should be looking to get management involved, in these times of DIY releases. Each class involved about twenty managers and was driven by the questions of the participants, who were at varying stages in their careers, but who were generally keen to get an international perspective on artists’ management.