EMMA – New European Copyright Rules for Music

The discussions with the Copyright Directive in Brussels are now reaching their last stages in what is known as the ‘trialogue’ e.g. a three way discussion between the Council of Ministers (national governments), European Parliament and European Commission.  The three bodies are trying to agree the details on a final text which will go for a ‘take it or leave it’ vote for approval.  It is looking likely that due to controversies with articles 11 (press publishers) and 13 (music safe harbours e.g. YouTube licensing) this agreement may not now emerge until February and the final vote in March (pre-Brexit and European elections).  EMMA has been active in Brussels and at national level campaigning for a fair result with the Directive to benefit artists – this involves the adoption of article 13 (which shifts licensing liabilities to platforms) and also articles 14-16 which introduce the principle of fair remuneration and contract adjustment to tackle inequitable label or publishing contracts.  We are now watching the final stages closely and are in discussions with our music counterparts in the IFPI (labels) as well as songwriters (ESCA) and artists representatives (IAO).