Fan Data Guide

Music Managers Forum UK has published ‘The Fan Data Guide’, the latest instalment of the MMF’s Dissecting the Digital Dollar series. The Fan Data Guide explores the value of fan data, who owns it and how to maximize the use of the data when developing your artists’ business.

The Fan Data Guide seeks to break down the key data types that artists and their managers should be aware of and have access to, as well as advice about how data captured from music streaming, ticket sales, social media activity and affiliate partnerships can be harnessed to grow their business and enhance decision making. The guide also raises pertinent questions about the ownership and sharing of data post GDPR and offers a ‘Data Checklist’ that all artists and managers should ask of potential business partners before negotiating a deal.

Written by CMU Insights in collaboration with MMF board members Lisa Ward (Red Light Management) and Tom Burris (ie:music) plus Jessie Scoullar (Wicksteed Works) and Peter Mason (Russells)

The Fan Data Guide can be downloaded for free here.