EMMA welcomes agreement on Copyright Directive and encourages EU to adopt in final vote

The European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA) represents over 800 music managers working with well over 2000 artists across the EU.  We have been actively campaigning for a Copyright Directive that ensures that artists are properly and fairly paid from the consumption of their music by the tech platforms and artists business partners including labels and publishers.   

We welcome the recent deal between the Council and Parliament on the Directive. Although inevitability a compromise, the agreement reached on articles 13-16 forms a balanced package which supports a modern and transparent music industry and promotes fair remuneration from use of artists’ music online.  We applaud the EU institutions’ courage to resist unprecedented lobbying and recognise that copyright exists for the protection of creators. 

There is one more stage to go with final votes and we urge the Parliament and Council to adopt the Directive.  As EMMA we look forward to working with artists the wider music industry and with national governments across the EU as it is implemented in the coming years to ensure the vision becomes reality.