The Directive enables the Music Industry to negotiate fair remuneration for authors and rights-holders from digital platforms. Platforms have for too long been able to take advantage of the so-called “Safe Harbor” rule to generate profits from the music of our artists and authors.

Global copyright laws need updating in the digital age and this is a start for more modern legislation. Articles 14-16 give artist and creators new rights to transparency and a new leverage for negotiating music license rights. Especially when it comes to modernizing older legacy agreements.

We now call on all member states to reconfirm their approval of the adoption at the Competitiveness Council on 9th April.  

Ahead of us in the next two years is the implementation of the Directive. EMMA will campaign to ensure each EU Member State gives the principals of the Directive full impact into national law.

We thank those MEPs who voted in favour of the Directive.  Unfortunately too many European politicians have been acting to stop these positive changes. It is time for our national politicians to stand up in support of European culture. The Copyright Directive gives Europe global leadership and a brand new opportunity for positive collaboration between creators and politicians. 

EMMA will continue to work with organizations like Impala, CISAC, IFPI, ICMP to ensure that the Directive does actually lead to fairer remunerations for artists as it intends.